10.05 — 10.06.2018
Zasób 5

Revolutionary Readings
Czas Kultury

Galeria Miejska Arsenał godz. 18:00
Zasób 6
Wojtek Hamerski, Wojciech Hamerski, Magdalena Radomska, Andrzej Marzec, Krzysztof Hoffmann
Zasób 6

Editors of Czas Kultury quarterly announce a series of meetings under the umbrella title Revolutionary Readings. The idea is very simple and involves reading (together, aloud, in a group) excerpts of texts with a revolutionary potential and then putting the texts and their readings to all kinds of tests. What is the current appeal of texts from the past? What should be done to bring out their revolutionary message in a changed cultural context? When does a text goad us to action and when does it bore us to death? Can there be a fashion for a revolution?

Still, the fundamental experience is that of reading the texts together. These will not be academic classes or debating societies or comments appended to a blog. Let us finally talk about something important.

Tuesday, 15.05 – 6 pm, Waldemar Kuligowski / Red Power Revolution

Wednesday, 16.05 – 6 pm, Wojciech Hamerski / Poetry on the ruins of Bastille

Thursday, 17.05— 4 pm,  Magdalena Radomska / Communist Manifesto

Friday, 18.05  – 6 pm, Andrzej Marzec / Beyond the anthropocentric vision of history

Saturday, 19.05 –  7:30 pm, Krzysztof Hoffmann / Revolutionary drift of everyday life