10.05 — 10.06.2018
Zasób 5

Triptychon / film

Teatr Ósmego Dnia godz. 09:00
Zasób 6
Alexander Kluge
Zasób 6
The film-collage is presented as a part of the exhibition "Polish May"
Zasób 6

A film collage which mixes documentation of contemporary protests with archival prints of past revolutions. The film kicks off with the words: “Die Revolution ist ein Lebewesen voller Überraschung”, or “Revolution is a living being, full of surprises”. We do not know what directions revolutions will take. Sometimes they erupt simultaneously in different parts of the world, as in 1968, or are whole centuries apart. Here they meet during a six-minute footage, on a black, nondescript background, one next to another, without regard for chronology and geography.