10.05 — 10.06.2018
Zasób 5

Freedom Concerts
An On Bast

Plac Wolności godz. 21:00
8.06, godz. 21.00 - An On Bast
Zasób 6
music: An On Bast
visualizations: Jędrzej Guzik
recite: Adam Borowski-Herbst, Tadeusz Janiszewski-Theobaldt, Marcin Kęszycki, Ewa Wójciak-Pleyn
Zasób 6
organized and produced by Estrada Poznańska
Zasób 6

Concerts held under the auspices of Estrada Poznańska have a unique formula – they combine sound, image and word. The artists are representatives of the Polish electronic stage. The texts are excerpts from Władysław Brzozowski, Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński and Stanisław Witkiewicz, tied with the music by the actors of the Eighth Day Theatre.

The core of the Freedom Concerts is the demonstration of various visions of the future, freedom, social change, and rebellion. Accept our invitation to concerts where music, the visual sphere and literature are the starting point for reflection on both history and immediate future.

The crucial thing is that to understand and harness life and become free can only be done when we have comprehended and curbed the forces that have forged our psyche. We must be completely given to the thought that history is nothing external to us and nothing we can take any given stand on.

  Stanisław Brzozowski